Transformer Room Doors

ROCKLITE® Transformer Room Doors and Louver Units are made from 1.6mm mild steel; our doors are secure and durable. These doors & frames can also be made from Galvanised steel for coastal conditions, as per customer requirements.


The doors are fitted with 3 x heavy duty brass hinges per leaf, depending on door size and customer requirements.

Door Finishes:

The doors are painted with a red oxide primer, galvanized doors are cleaned with degreasing solution. We do not manufacture doors in hot-dipped galvanized finishes.


Our Transformer Room Doors are fitted with a Pull Handle, Padlatch and Barrel Bolts on double doors. We can also fit a Quick Release Mechanism onto the doors, as per customer requirements.

Standard Transformer Room Door Sizes

DOOR TYPE A – 815 x 2032 x 230mm

DOOR TYPE B – 915 x 2135 x 230mm

Type A (no vents)

Type B (no vents)

Type AV (1 vent per leaf)

Type BV (1 vent per leaf)

Type AVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type BVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type AVA (fully louvred)

Type BVA (fully louvred)

DOOR TYPE H – 915 x 2440 x 230mm

DOOR TYPE C – 1220 x 2135 x 230mm

Type H (no vents)

Type C (no vents)

Type HV (1 vent per leaf)

Type CV (1 vent per leaf)

Type HVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type CVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type HVA (fully louvred)

Type CVA (fully louvred)

DOOR TYPE F – 1220 x 2440 x 230mm

DOOR TYPE M – 1525 x 2135 x 230mm

Type F (no vents)

Type M (no vents)

Type FV (1 vent per leaf)

Type MV (1 vent per leaf)

Type FVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type MVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type FVA (fully louvred)

Type MVA (fully louvred)

DOOR TYPE Y – 1525 x 2440 x 230mm

DOOR TYPE G – 1830 x 2135 x 230mm

Type Y (no vents)

Type G (no vents)

Type YV (1 vent per leaf)

Type GV (1 vent per leaf)

Type YVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type GVV (2 vents per leaf)

Type YVA (fully louvred)

Type GVA (fully louvred)

DOOR TYPE D – 1830 x 2440 x 230mm


Type D (no vents)

ALU - 900 x 745 x 230

Type DV (1 vent per leaf)

BLU - 1590 x 745 x 230

Type DVV (2 vents per leaf)

LC Louvre Panels

Type DVA (fully louvred)

Vermin Proofing